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Credit Cards for No Credit

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Credit Cards for no Credit was founded with the goal of providing objective information to consumers without simply trying to sell them credit cards.  By providing such information, we hope that you will be equipped to make the right financial choices. This site exists as a one-stop resource to help give quality advice to those who are trying to build credit.

Finding Credit Cards When You Have No Credit

It is a problem that everyone who has ever wanted a credit card can relate to. You can’t get a credit card because you haven’t established credit yet but you cannot establish credit until someone gives you a chance. This site is your guide to establishing credit and finding the types of credit cards that can help you build credit.

Credit Card Options When You Have No Credit

When you lack established credit, it can seem like there are not a lot of options available to you. The truth is that while it may be harder to find a credit card, when you do, if you are responsible, you can quickly build a good credit history. One option available is the secured credit card. This option is the best because it can allow you to establish a credit history and it will help you do so responsibly because the credit limit is tied to the amount of money that you already have in savings.